Missionary trips to Israel

Missionary trips to Israel

Trip to Israel November 2011

We were on missionary trip to Israel. Together with participants from 4 continents, we attended Global Prayer Summit in Jerusalem 02-04 November organized by Joshua Generation, Dr. Jose Pascua, Houston. We represented Bulgaria. Pastor Vladimir was one of the speakers. We reminded to the participant the strong connection of Bulgaria and Israel from the history. Bulgaria is the country saved 49 000 Jews during the Second World War. Our king Boris, was poisoned in Germany as revenge. When iron curtain collapsed in Eastern Europe in the countries as Romania, Russia, Serbia there was bloodshed. Unlike the others in Bulgaria the changes took place in peace. We believe that our country received merci because of the near history.

During the Summit

We would like to share that God blessed us so much during the event:

?* God send His Holy Spirit with tremendous power;?* Lord gave a word of prophesy;?* God gave us open eyes to look ahead for His will for Jews and Christians and Jesus second coming;

After the Summit a new event was foreseen ahead - Global Holy Spirit Conference in 2013 in Jerusalem. We stand in prayer for the Conference. Our appeal to all who love Israel is to pray for the event with us. All of you, who are interested in taking part of the Holy Spirit Conference in 2013, please let us know.


International ministry Trips to Israel
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